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Pattern Updates

We do everything possible to make sure there are no errors but we're all human. That said, it's important the errors be acknowledged and corrected.
I have also added information that are not 'corrections'...just responding to questions on why something was designed a specific way.

Pinwheels with Attitude: STG-0072, April 24
On the cutting diagram for the outer border, the correct number of cuts is 8 pcs - 4 1/2" x WOF.  For some reason, I accidently changed the cut instruction 4 pcs  - 4 1/2" x LOF during a clean up of the file. This will NOT work! 
The yardage is correct for WOF Outer Border;  I've updated the pattern as of today.

Head'n Out and Head'n West Tote:, STG 0171 and 0182, September 2023
There are NO errors...just a response to a question I have gotten.   
Why did I recommend using both Fusible Fleece and Fusible Foam on the totes?  Using foam gives extra support;  the bag will sit next to your chair and not fall over.  Using fleece, the bag is much softer and will lay over just a little. use what you prefer. 

Whirly Gig Park, STG-0168, July 13, 2023
On the back of the pattern, I accidently switched the size labels on the fabric requirements.  The quantities for a large quilt are NOT smaller than the quantities for a smaller quilt.  The error has been repaired.  It does not affect anything in the instructions.  

Oriental Harmony question answered on two strips:
I have been asked WHY I have a 2" Inner Trim #2 (background) strip plus another 1 1/2" Inner Border (background) strip as two pieces rather than one (Diagrams A - C, page 2).  The reason is that sometimes one of those strips becomes another fabric for a slightly different enhancement to the panel.   In checking all the versions of the pattern, I have found that it is much more often the same background fabric rather than the two different fabrics;  I will update the pattern in the future to remove the two strips and make it one to avoid the question.    

Oriental Harmony, Northcott PTN3041 only, March 27, 2023
If you find that your panel is not quite 43" long due to printing shrinkage and you cannot cut your inner panel SKU DP25055-11 to exactly match the cover, you can easily adjust it.  Cut the panel to a length NO LESS than 39" and add the extra length back by cutting the Center Panel Trim #1 (25063-11) 2 1/2" wide rather than 1 1/2" wide.  Once you have sewn the trim to the top and bottom of the panel, cut the overall length to 42 1/2" and the rest will work out.  


2022: On the most recent printing of 'Girls Night Out' tote, two pages of the templates were turned to landscape by Adobe while the rest were left as portrait.  If you get one of those patterns, please contact me directly. The Sun and the Moon were not lined up!

In Tribute (two quilts on the cover)
On page 6 of the updated "In Tribute" pattern including the larger 60" x 78" size, the quantities of Block A and Block C are incorrect.  Cut 10 Block 'A's and 10 Block 'C's.  You have already pieced the strips....just cut two more As and two less Cs. 

Partial to Piecing
On the cutting instructions for the inner (green) and middle (pink) borders, I mixed the two sizes. The pink should be 1 1/2" x wof and the green should  be 2" x wof as shown on the cover.  It does not change any fabric requirements and will not affect the looks of the quilt.