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Pattern Updates

This is the page that no designer wants to have! We do everything possible to make sure there are no errors but we're all human. That said, it's important the errors be acknowledged and corrected.

Please check below for information on corrections.

Oriental Harmony, Northcott PTN3041 only, March 27, 2023
If you find that you cannot cut your inner panel SKU DP25055-11 to exactly match the cover, you can easily adjust it.  Cut the panel to a length NO LESS than 39" and add the extra length back by cutting the Center Panel Trim #1 (25063-11) 2 1/2" wide rather than 1 1/2" wide.  Once you have sewn the trim to the top and bottom of the panel, cut the overall length to 42 1/2" and the rest will work out.  


On the most recent printing of 'Girls Night Out' tote, two pages of the templates were turned to landscape by Adobe while the rest were left as portrait.  If you get one of those patterns, please contact me directly. The Sun and the Moon were not lined up!

In Tribute (two quilts on the cover)
On page 6 of the updated "In Tribute" pattern including the larger 60" x 78" size, the quantities of Block A and Block C are incorrect.  Cut 10 Block 'A's and 10 Block 'C's.  You have already pieced the strips....just cut two more As and two less Cs. 

X's and O's in Black and White
On the refresh of the X's and O's in Black and White, the cutting chart for the larger size says to cut two  8" x wof BACKGROUND  strips to make the 2 -  8" squares.  You do NOT NEED to cut the 8" strip at all...just use the leftovers from the 15 1/2" strips.  The lines were accidentally included during the refresh.

Girls Night Out Wine Tote
On Template A, a 6 1/2" reference measurement has been added to the top of the template.  When you print out the PDF file or make copies of the templates, make sure you select print at  'ACTUAL SIZE'.   Measure your copy of Template A to make sure you have printed at Actual Size.

Booty Wine Tote
On Template A, a 7" reference measurement has been added to the top of the template.  When you print out the PDF file or make copies of the templates, make sure you select Print at ACTUAL SIZE.  Measure your copy of Template A to make sure you have printed at Actual Size.

Partial to Piecing
On the cutting instructions for the inner (green) and middle (pink) borders, I mixed the two sizes. The pink should be 1 1/2" x wof and the green should
be 2" x wof as shown on the cover.  It does not change any fabric requirements and will not affect the looks of the quilt.

Holiday Cheers Wine Totes
I've had some questions about taping Template A and B together and the sizes not matching up.

As shown in Diagram A, be sure you match up the arrows on A and B and everything fits perfectly.

To make it clearer, I've added the words "match up the arrows" in the sentence about taping the two pieces together.

On page 1, Diagram A and B...the value is 18", not 22" as typed. The directions are correct...fold the fabric so it measures 11" x 18"...I just typed in the wrong number on the two diagrams. It does not affect the pattern. Thanks to Stitches Quilt Shop in Glendale, Oh for catching the typo.

A Quilt for the Die Hard Fan
The number of blocks for the pattern cover was accidentally typed as '30' blocks rather than the correct number '35'.  The error does not affect fabric requirements or cutting instructions.  Sorry for the error!